Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Self-Employed Individuals

Health insurance in New Hampshire falls into two categories: group coverage and individual coverage.

Group insurance is the health insurance plan you enroll in through your job. It's usually a good value because your employer typically pays for a significant portion of the monthly premium. Individual health insurance is for those who do not have insurance through an employer.

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Individual Health Insurance Examples Include:

  • Self-employed individuals
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Employed individuals where no group health plan is offered at work
  • Families on group plans where little to no contribution for dependents is offered by an employer
  • People on COBRA or NH State Continuation

The good news is individual health insurance typically costs less than group health insurance, and there's a good chance it costs less than you think.

However, there are some differences between group and individual coverage that are important to understand when you seek an individual health insurance quote in NH:

  • Unlike group coverage, individual health insurance is not guaranteed issue, and any personal risk factors can affect your rate or cause you to be declined coverage.
  • Maternity coverage is not automatically included as with groups and the cost of a maternity rider is prohibitively expensive.
  • No individual plan in NH includes chiropractic care whereas all group plans do.

If you are declined coverage as a NH individual, you are automatically eligible on a guaranteed basis for the NH State Health Plan. There are several plan choices at competitive premiums and the guaranteed access has become a popular solution for more and more NH residents. This can be a good option for health insurance for self-employed and unemployed individuals who cannot qualify for private health insurance in NH.

Another area of health insurance for individuals in NH is Short Term Medical or Temporary Health Insurance. Short Term Medical or Temporary Health Insurance is not designed to replace a major medical health plan, but it is a very cost-effective solution for people with a temporary need such as someone between jobs or a recent graduate who has not yet secured employment.

If you think you may need individual health insurance, it's time to seek the help of an independent insurance broker. Too many people are relying solely on Internet searches to find health insurance in New Hampshire. True, it's possible to research and even buy coverage online, but you'll have to sort through waves of information that may not apply to New Hampshire, and you'll be without any sort of guidance. You're also likely to have plenty of questions that can't be answered simply through Internet searches.

Use your local independent insurance broker who has access to what's available to you, knows the answers to your questions and will help you buy the right product – all at the same price as finding coverage yourself. Talk to AHS about an individual health insurance quote today.