Group Health Insurance in NH

Health Insurance for Businesses and Organizations in Portsmouth, NH and Beyond

Are you considering your options for health insurance for business? If you are a New Hampshire business owner with as few as one employee (including yourself), you are eligible for a group health insurance plan. While in most instances of very small groups, NH individual health insurance (link to individual section here) provides coverage that works for you at the most affordable cost, you may want to consider group health insurance for your business.

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Here are the most common reasons to choose group health insurance over individual health insurance:

  • Coverage is guarantee issue, meaning no pre-existing health condition will affect eligibility or rate.
  • Maternity coverage is automatically included in NH group health plans where it is a prohibitively expensive optional rider with individual health plans.
  • Employees residing out of state can be insured through a NH based company’s group health plan.

Once you determine group health insurance is right for your business of 50 enrolled employees or fewer, the only factors for determining your health insurance premiums are:

  • Initial enrollment census
  • Standard Industrial Classification Code of your company

These factors are revisited each year at renewal when rating is recalculated with no past information factored. If your company has 51 or more enrolled employees, medical underwriting becomes an added factor for rating and the collective prior year claims history will affect your health insurance premiums.

There are many group health insurance plans for New Hampshire businesses to choose from. Due to the ever increasing cost of medical care, business owners are now being forced to choose health plans with higher and higher deductibles and co-pays, leaving more burden of cost with the employees.

Some of the most common questions facing employers are:

  • Which plan and/or insurance company do I choose?
  • How do I decide how much to contribute to my employees?
  • How do I keep my employees happy with the benefits offered?
  • How do I present coverage to my employees?
  • Does it make sense to offer more than one plan?

All the confusion and difficulty created by these questions can be best dealt with by partnering with the right independent insurance broker. The brokers at Affordable Health Solutions can help you weigh your options in NH group health insurance plans, and guide you towards a plan that is cost effective for you and your employees.

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