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Health Insurance Information

Finding the right health insurance coverage to suit your individual, family, or business can be a daunting task. Start here with our frequently asked questions. And remember, if you ever have any questions, you can contact Affordable Health Solutions to speak to a real person anytime.

Q. What determines the rate I will pay for my health insurance?

A. For individual market coverage, there are several factors that determine your rate:

  • Age of you and your spouse (if applicable).
  • Number of additional family members to be covered.
  • Risk factors such as smoking or unfavorable height/weight ratios.
  • Current and past health history of you and any family members for chronic conditions, surgeries, treatments and/or medications.

For small group market (under 50 employees) the factors are different than for individuals and include:

  • Age of your employees.
  • Industry classification of your business.
  • The region in New Hampshire your business is located.

Q. Can I be declined coverage by a health insurance company?

A. Again, the rules are different for individual market versus group market. You can be declined coverage in New Hampshire for individual coverage but group coverage is guaranteed issue and there are no restrictions for employees of eligible businesses.

Q. What do I do if I am declined individual health insurance coverage?

A. If declined coverage, you are automatically eligible for the New Hampshire Health Plan. This is a State sponsored plan designed to guarantee access to several health insurance options for individuals who don't meet the minimum requirements for acceptance by a private insurer.

Q. Can my health insurance rates increase or will my policy be canceled due to excessive claims or serious health issues that develop?

A. Absolutely not! Despite immense confusion in the media today, here in New Hampshire, you cannot be singled out for a rate increase or cancellation. This applies to both individuals and group insurance policy holders.

Q. What about pre-existing conditions? Will I be eliminated from coverage if I change health plans?

A. As long as you have a continuation of coverage or a lapse of coverage for no more than 62 days, there is no elimination of coverage for any pre-existing condition with any policy for you are eligible. However, if you are uninsured and begin a new policy, you may be eliminated from coverage for pre-existing conditions for up to nine months. The lesson to learn here is: Get covered and stay covered.

Q. What is a Health Savings Account?

A. An HSA is a tax deferred account that lets you pay your out of pocket medical expenses at a reduced net cost. Your total contributions made to a health savings account are tax deductible, thus reducing your taxable income for each year you fund the account. In order to qualify for the tax reduction an HSA provides, your health care insurance plan must be HSA-compliant. To learn more, go to Health Savings Accounts in the resources section.

We appreciate you your questions and are here to provide answers. Please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email any time.

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