The Pros and Cons of Online Individual NH Health Insurance

Online health insurance may seem like a great idea: fast, convenient, and possibly cost effective, right? Think again. Purchasing online health insurance is probably not in your best interest. You should talk to a professional before making any buying decisions.

Pros (Assumed)

  • Saves Time – Well, maybe!  You plan on a couple clicks and the unpleasant task of buying health insurance is over with, right! The more likely scenario is you’ll be overwhelmed with an excessive list of plan choices impossible to sort through on your own.
  • Saves Money – Absolutely not!  Health insurance companies are required to post their rates with the NH Department on Insurance and you, the consumer, pay those rates regardless of how you come to purchase your policy.


  • Possible Higher Cost – Even though the rates are set, you may submit your application in such a way to increase the rate you qualify for. 
  • The Wrong Policy – Without properly sorting through all your options, you could easily decide on a plan that’s not the best choice for your specific needs.
  • Disappointment With Claims – This is a very common negative outcome.  If you don’t thoroughly understand the coverage your plan provides, the likely result is you’ll assume it does more than it actuality.  The time to learn of your policy’s limitations or restrictions is not when faced with a significant claim.

The lesson to be learned here about “online” health insurance is simply… Don’t Do It!

We at AHS have your best interest first and foremost.  We will find the right product for your needs and get you the best rate possible.  You will understand your coverage and the process of purchasing NH health insurance will be far more enjoyable than going it alone…We Promise!