Self Service NH Health Insurance – Friend or Foe?

In this day of immediate gratification consumerism and the convenience of purchasing almost anything on line, more and more Americans are making heath insurance decisions completely on their own, without any advice from a qualified professional.  Before we go any further on this topic, it is crucial you understand the number one reason motivating people to buy health insurance on the web:

Truth or Myth
Q.  I can save money on my family’s health insurance if I buy it myself, on line.
A.  Myth!!

Insurance companies file their rates with the State Department of Insurance and regardless of which method of purchase you choose, the cost is the same.  We at AHS are independent brokers and work with every insurance company in New Hampshire that meets our quality / value standards.

So please, talk to us first, and enjoy the advantages over “self service health insurance” such as:

  • Direct answers to your specific questions rather than endless navigation of multiple websites. We will ask questions you haven’t even thought of, to understand your needs. From there, we will take the  time to explain how each option works for you.
  • Assistance with qualifying for the best rates.  Individual medical insurance rates vary based on risk factors such as health history and current conditions and treatments, height/weight ratios and tobacco use.  We guide you through this process and assist you with preparing your medical history for underwriting consideration. We also act as your advocate to appeal unacceptable underwriting decisions.
  • Ongoing client service.  Our relationship doesn’t end once you purchase insurance.  We are there to assist with any help you require to get the most out of your health insurance coverage. If the market changes and another product becomes available to better serve your needs, you will know about it and we will simplify the process to make the necessary changes.

So let’s come back to our original question…Friend or Foe?  There is absolutely no advantage to doing it yourself.  The risk is you leave yourself exposed to any number of issues, the most important of which is not fully understandingthe product you’re buying.  Do yourself a favor and let AHS be your “Friend” with this very important purchase decision.