Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Continues Lower Rates Through March

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield in NH

Believe it or not, in these days of rising health care costs, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield actually reduced NH rates for individual health insurance policies by as much as 10% for the fourth quarter of 2010.

Even more remarkable: These lower rates have been held through the first quarter of 2011. Applications for New Hampshire individuals and their family members submitted before March 1, 2011 are eligible for these rates and guaranteed not to change for a year. Please note, individual health insurance in NH is subject to medical underwriting and all applications are pending approval.

This is a great time for an individual health insurance check up to see if you can benefit from Anthem’s lower rates. We don’t know yet what’s in store for April 1, 2011.

There are additional elements to consider as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform).  The current phase of Health Care Reform implementation includes several key enhancements to policies issued after September 23, 2010. Examples include:

  • 100% paid wellness care.
  • Elimination of certain policy limitations. The most significant with Anthem is the former $2,000 annual maximum for prescription drugs.
  • No annual or lifetime maximum limits.
  • No denying coverage for children with pre-existing conditions.

Anthem health insurance plans offered in NH for individuals and their family members are Anthem Blue Direct and Anthem Lumenos HSA plans. Both of these plans are Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans and do not require referrals to see specialists.

The Blue Direct plans offer copays for office visits, prescriptions and emergency room visits and several choices for inpatient/outpatient deductibles. The Anthem Lumenos HSA plans offer a wide range of deductible and Anthem’s lowest premiums. The Lumenos  plans also allow you to open a tax deferred Health Savings Account (HSA) at your local bank for pre-tax spending for all your out-of-pocket medical expenses. My favorite bank for HSA accounts is Optima Bank in Portsmouth and North Hampton, NH.

These low Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield rates may not last for long. Do you have questions or need more information about health insurance? Let us know, we’re here to help. And please post comments or questions here as well.